What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV): Provides one of the most diverse ways of enjoying unlimited TV wherever and whenever you are. The technology relies on Internet Protocol to synchronize seamlessly with telecommunications to provide you with the ultimate streaming television viewing in HD quality.

Who we are?

Welcome To Speedstream TV

We are an Independent Sales Organization that supplies top quality Web Hosting and OTT/IPTV Set-Top boxes and Middleware.
we are Genuine, Reliable and stable Web Hosting and IPTV provider offering full iptv channels.
Why Choose Us?

Lifetime Support Warranty
100% Secure Ordering Process
International Shipping
Regular Channel list and VOD updates

Trust us
“Our reliability and security concerns guarantee the transparency of our business activities..”

Does this service work in my country ?

Yes..! Speedstream TV works internationaly as soon as you have an internet connection.

How does it work?

To watch iptv you need to either Have one of the this supported Devices below and start a free trial, and create a free IPTV account or subscribe For paid service .

Speedstream TV is compatible with:

Mag Boxes (250, 254, etc)
Dreamlink (T1, T1+, etc)
Avov Tvonline (N, N2, N3 etc)
Android TV Box
Samsung Smart TV
LG Smart TV
Android Smart TV

VLC Media Player
STB Emulator
Perfect Player
Best Player
Smart iptv

and much much more!

With there being many devices out there that are compatible with iptv , we cant offer support for each and every device out there.

our Devices allows, but can not officially offer support for:

We do NOT allow Multiple Connections at the same time:

When will I receive my Test or Paid Plan Credentials?

You will be receiving your file as soon as possible, we do our best not to keep you waiting too long, but sometimes this can take some hours!

How long does the installation take when I receive my account?

You can start watching in a matter of minutes.

Do I need to be subscribed to dish/any provider to this work?

No subscription of any kind is needed.

Which channels do you have?

You can view Speedstream TV Channel List in trial.

Will you guarantee that all channels will work ?

While the best attempt will be made to maintain the best service possible , some may be unavailable due to technical issues or maintenance. Some channels will not work . Also, the channel lineup can be changed/modified without prior notice,

VIP Channels are offered for free, so enjoy them while they exists, they can be removed anytime.

When will my subscription be blocked and deleted?

If you misuse the subscription, use it on 2 devices or more at the same time, or try to restream it, our server will block it and block your IP address from connecting again, and there will be no refund.

Do you answer right away if i have problem with my order?

Within minutes, however if you see you that you don’t get an answer within an hour send us another email, just in case the first one didn’t come through.

How long for your IPTV Subscription?

Speedstream TV Offers Different Plans to Suit every need :

12 Month subscription

6 Month Subscription

3 Month subscription

1 Month subscription

You can start and subscribe here

After I purchase a subscription whats next?

As soon you place an order automatically you receive an email containing the instructions of how to set up your package, most of the time within few minutes you have all the info you need, however please allow us up to 5-15 min, sometimes we get overloaded with server support, customers and orders

How much internet speed requires?

at least 20 mbps, however people with 10 mbps even 5 mbps has report no issues at all, some people with 100 mbps face connection problem, best way to test use your cell phone as host pot and connect your box to your phone as host pot, and try for a minute. however that might consume your data. Be careful

Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

We always recommend that you connect your device hardware (ethernet).

Does your IPTV service have EPG and recording function?

EPG function is no problem for our IPTV, Recording function is also available now.

Can I pay in my local currency?

Please note that our price is quoted in United States Dollar (US $).

Can I use one account on 2 or more devices?

Yes if you purchase addon lines!

Does these service goes down anytime?

we have a rating of 99% up time, however like any other service sometimes need to update, back up or get into maintenance, but we usually skip the main events in the world!